Fit Body - Fit Mind

Kids Taekwondo Program for children 5 - 12 YEARS OLD

Confidence, Fitness, Discipline & Self Control.

This is a unique course taught only in our Academy. It is one of the best confidence building martial arts programs available. Each session is carefully designed to teach the basics of World Taekwondo in an environment that stimulates interest and maximises potential.

Every child experiences success. Even the shy and nervous will become more outgoing and develop positive social behaviours. Our aim is to build your child's confidence by teaching them how to handle aggression. We teach children to avoid fights and act responsibly while increasing their awareness of dangerous confrontations so they know exactly when and how to act if they ever need to.

Isn't it time that your child learns the skills to manage bullies and protect themselves?
Most children who encounter bullying are likely to feel hopeless and powerless. They are likely to feel anxious, depressed and angry and as a result their school learning is negatively affected.
Many children handle bullying by doing nothing, withdrawing and in some cases even blaming themselves. Our program builds strength and general physique and teaches children how to stand strong and walk and talk with confidence.

Enrol your child today - there is a World Taekwondo Centre near you.