Age specific programs for adults, youth and kids

Kids Taekwondo Program for children 5 - 12 YEARS OLD

Confidence, Fitness, Fun & Self Discipline.

This is a unique course taught only in our Academy. It is one of the best confidence building martial arts programs available. Each session is designed carefully to teach the basics of World Taekwondo in an environment that stimulates interest and maximises potential.Children develop leadership skills and learn how to act in dangerous confrontations.

Every child experiences success. Even the shy and nervous will become more outgoing and develop positive social behaviours. Our unique program will gradually challenge your child's mind and body, and as they strive for higher belts they will learn to overcome obstacles, get fit and live healthier, confident and stronger.

Several research assert that children don't usually stand up to bullies because of deep fear for their own personal safety. Our aim is to build your child's confidence by teaching them how to handle physical aggression. They will learn how to act confidently, respond and face up to the bully with minimum or no violence.

We focus on character development. Through our program your child will learn to self-regulate and gain control. We teach children to avoid fights and act responsibly while increasing their awareness of dangerous confrontations so they know exactly when and how to act if they need to. And our training develops better co-ordination, agility, flexibility and posture.

Is your child bullied?

Do you know why one in six children in Australia today is likely to spend the night before school dreading the start of the school Term?
It is because statistics show that they are likely to be victims of bullying at school. In South Australia there is evidence to suggest that a quarter of the 3335 students suspended during one school term were related to bullying.

What can World Taekwondo do for your child?

Most children who encounter bullying are likely to feel hopeless and powerless. They are likely to feel anxious, depressed and angry and as a result their school learning is negatively affected. Schools continue to educate students about their right to a safe school environment that is free of bullying and harassment, unfortunately often these same children relentlessly experience school bullying on a day to day basis.

Isn't it time that your child learns the skills to manage bullies and protect themselves?

Many children handle bullying by doing nothing, withdrawing and in some cases even blaming themselves. However, books dealing with the topic of bullying recommend that children do a set of actions that help them deal with the issue. These actions include learning a martial art and getting fit.

Our program builds strength and general physique so children don't appear weak and feeble. The program teaches children how to walk with confidence, stand strong and grounded, look the bully in the eye, speak firmly and demand attention. All without drawing attention to themselves.

Whilst we don't have all the answers we believe we go a long way into empowering children to become better at handling difficult and challenging situations in all their endeavours.

Make the commitment, Enrol your child today - there is a World Taekwondo Centre near you.