Age specific programs for adults, youth and kids

Adults & Youth Programs

Fitness, Self defence, Discipline and Confidence.
Through this program you will discover your inner strength, learn to defend yourself and develop coordination, flexibility and general well being. It is a great way to stay fit and develop a stronger, more confident you.

Beginners to Advanced training. New Members Welcome.

There is no need to be flexible or fit to start your training. Men and women of all ages are welcome throughout the year so you can enrol at any time you decide. And with World Taekwondo Your membership will give you unlimited training and free access to all our centres.

Our highly balanced syllabus will improve your well-being and enhance your emotional and social intelligence. It will increase your self-awareness and help you identify your strengths. You will learn how to recognise and avoid dangerous situations and if necessary respond decisively and with confidence.

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