• Best for Self Defence and Fitness

  • Separate Kids Program

  • Traditional Martial Art

  • Modern Sport

  • Confidence for life

  • Discipline and Self Control

  • You too can be a black belt!

Fitness, Confidence and Self Defence.

Discover your inner talent, gain super confidence, learn powerful self-defence, exercise, get fitter, have fun, meet new people, challenge yourself and enjoy a healthier life style.
World Taekwondo is an activity for the whole family with popular programs for Adults, Youth and a unique Kids Taekwondo Program designed for children 5-10 years of age. Sports Voucher Welcome!

Don't be fooled by adverts, or fads others try to sell you, we know what works and we have decades of experience to help you learn it fast!

Our time tested system is guaranteed to work for you. After only a few weeks of training you will feel stronger, fitter and more energetic. You will increase flexibility and coordination, become more focussed, more confident and enjoy a healthier life style.

Your membership includes:
- Free access to all centres with a unique experience at each class!
- Unlimited attendance at no additional cost.
- Friendly, professional, experienced and caring Instructors.
- One-on-one attention from day one.
- Pay as you go month by month membership, no binding contracts.
- Self defence skills included in your regular training sessions.
- Separate Kids classes, age specific training.
- International certification from Kukkiwon HQ in Korea.