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Medical Details

Certain medical conditions or previous injuries may influence your ability to participate in World Taekwondo Training. Examples of these include but are not limited to: Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Spinal Injuries, Arthritis, Previous Injuries, Heart Condition, Allergies etc...

If you have any medical concerns, please seek medical clearance from your doctor prior to participating.

If yes, please provide details below:

Legal Agreement

I, the undersigned, in consideration of, and as a condition of my acceptance of my membership to the World Taekwondo Pty Ltd for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, hereby waive all, and any claims, which I or they might otherwise have, arising out of any loss of life, injury or loss of any description whatsoever, which I may suffer or sustain in the course of or as a consequence, of my training with World Taekwondo, direct or otherwise. This waiver, release and discharge shall be in favour of all persons, joint or severally involved in the instruction or management of World Taekwondo Pty Ltd. I acknowledge that I have been advised that World Taekwondo is an activity for people in good health and without pre existing health problems, and that there is a risk of injury even for people in good health. I understand that I am assuming that risk of injury and that whilst World Taekwondo will do all in its power to prevent injury, it will not, nor will any instructor of World Taekwondo be responsible for any injury I suffer.

I authorise any medical assistance deemed necessary in the case of emergency and agree to pay full medical expenses incurred.

I consent to the use of any photos, which may include an image of me (hereinafter referred to as "the photos"). In giving this consent, I understand that the photos may be used in promoting the name of World Taekwondo/Oriental Sports Academy and that the photos may be published in newspapers, journals, newsletters, World Taekwondo website, pamphlets and any other form of promotional activity.

I agree to be bound by the rules, regulations and policies of World Taekwondo Pty Ltd including the World Taekwondo Member Protection Policy

I am aware and I understand that:

- yearly Registration and Insurance fees apply; tuition fees are subject to change and are due in the first lesson of each month/term;

- withdrawal and cancellation do not take effect until written notice is given; refunds are not given and fees still unpaid by the end of a month/term will attract further administration charges; should cheque payment not be accepted on 1st presentation to the Bank the drawer will pay bank fee charges and the redemption of the cheque; training with any other martial art school whilst training with World Taekwondo/Oriental Sports Academy is prohibited; World Taekwondo reserves the right to cancel my membership without notice if my conduct does not comply with its rules and regulations.

If under 18 years of age a parent must sign an enrolment form on your behalf.

Upon receipt of the online enrolment form, you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice for your enrolment and membership fees. Please note your enrolment will not be activated until the invoice is paid.