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Fitness, Confidence and Self Defence

After a few weeks of training with us you will start to feel stronger and more energetic. You will increase flexibility and focus, develop confidence and live a healthier life style.

membership includes:

  • Free access to all our network - Unique training experience at each location!
  • Frees unlimited attendance - train as much as you like - no extra cost.
  • Friendly, qualified Instructors that help you at each and every lesson.
  • One-on-one attention from day one - Personal Training at no extra cost.
  • No long term binding contracts. Start or stop any time you like.
  • Great value for money tuition fees.
  • Free common sense self defence training included in regular classes.
  • Separate Kids classes with unique age specific Kids Taekwondo Program.
  • International certification from our Kukkiwon HQ in Korea.
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